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We are the authorised distributor of Panasonic brand in projection and LFD monitors segments. We assure wide availability of the stock, attractive prices and additional support of trade partners during the projects realisation. 

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Installation Projektors
Short throw Projectors  Mobile Projectors

Space Player™

Installation Panasonic Projectors
provide the clearest projection of the data and video images in its class and are perfect for use in the boardrooms, classrooms and auditoriums.

Panasonic short throw projectors are designed to allow the projector to be placed closer to the screen. This allows the presenter to stand directly in front of the screen without casting a shadow on the content of the presentation. It is perfect for interactive projection such as education, but also for presentations in smaller conference rooms.

Panasonic portable projectors are solutions dedicated to medium and small school and conference rooms

A hybrid lighting solution combines the functions of a traditional light source and a projector. The device can be used to create eye-catching museum displays in which a moving image is displayed instead of static graphics. In restaurants, for example, they can be used to surprise customers by displaying the menu on the surface of the wall or table.
Bezprzewodowy-System-Prezentacji-Panasonic-Pressit_[57828]_600(1).jpg Monitor-Panasonic-TH-55CQ1W_[53390]_600(1).jpg Monitor-Panasonic-TH-55CQ1W_[53390]_600(1).jpg  
Wireless Prezentation System Panasonic Pressit
Standard series monitors
Entry series monitors   
"PressIT" is Panasonic's wireless presentation system that allows easy on-screen collaboration with the press of a button. Designed for quick and easy collaboration in conference rooms, this elegant solution allows up to 32 devices to be connected simultaneously, allowing users to present on screen or via a projector with the push of a button.

The SQ1 series is ideal for use in retail stores, conference rooms and as public signage.
The stylish SQE1 series with a thin bezel for distortion-free viewing.

The EQ1 offers detailed 4K images with a natural sense of depth. Available in a wide range of sizes, these displays meet a wide variety of needs.
The CQ1 is the entry 4K series monitors, ideal for presentation and information display in offices, classrooms and conference rooms.
The CQE1 is an easy-to-use model from the 4K entry series, suitable for use in corporate meeting rooms and classrooms, as well as for information display.