• EKRAN ELEKTRYCZNY ELITE SCREEN PREMIUM 221,5x124,5 MW 100 cali (16:9) PM100HT-E12

Projection ratio (2) 16:9
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Elite Screens PM100HT-E12 PowerMax Electric roll-up Screen (100") with a 16:9 Projection Screen
The Elite Screens PowerMAX Electric Projection Screen is the ideal solution for today’s home theaters. With its streamlined aluminum casing, it’s an elegant, yet durable piece that’s designed to complement any type of room.  The PowerMAX’s white enamel coating provides resistance to moisture and a high-end finish.

Equipped with slidable, floating mount brackets, the PowerMAX can be installed first and aligned later. Its quick-release tabs offer an simple execution of set-up and tear-down. These wall brackets are secure and easy to install as they can be simply mounted on the wall studs.

Draped with Elite’s MaxWhite FG screen material, the PowerMAX allows for enhanced picture quality and viewing angle. Whether in the office or at home, the MaxWhite FG’s fiberglass-backed screen ensures the flattest possible non-tensioned surface.

All PowerMAX screens come with the Elite’s tubular motor for swift up/down operations with superior weight tolerance and operational lifespan.

  • Screen Material:
  • MaxWhite FG (fiber-glass backing) 1.1 Gain screen material is flat, durable, easy to clean and mildew resistant
  • 160 degree wide-viewing angle for commerical and residential presentations
  • 4 side black masking borders enhance contrast ratio and avoid overscan from projector
  • Black backing on material for sharper picture and clarity
  • Available in diagonal sizes ranging from 90" - 120"
  • Two aspect ratios to choose from 4:3 and 16:9
  • Flame Resistant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards
  • Control System:
  • Internal Radio Frequency/Infrared receivers with IR, RF remotes included
  • Infrared IR "eye" extension sensor and a 5-12 volt trigger to synchronize screen operation with the projector's power cycle
  • Tubular motor allows swift operation with a superior weight tolerance and operational lifespan
  • Optional In-wall up/down switch (Part# ZIW-W)
  • Optional In-wall RJ45 switch module (Part# ZIW-Module) for custom 3-way wall switch control
  • Casing and Installation:
  • Streamlined aluminum casing with white enamel coating is moisture resistant
  • Floating mount brackets allow easy alignment for a wall or ceiling installation
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